Terms & Conditions

Payments & processes

For all new students, there will be one free session after which, if you wish to become a member, one month’s payment must be made by cash or cheque in advance. A standing order must be set up for subsequent months. All months referred to are calendar months. Should you wish to change from training once a week, to unlimited training, or vice versa then this can be done by contacting your bank. Should your standing order be refused by your bank for any reason, then any costs incurred by the Norfolk Practical Karate Club will be payable by the student. The payment process must then be completed again.

​All cheques should be made payable to NSKC. If you are unable to complete the standing order payment process, there is an option to make annual or bi-annual payments by cash or cheque. Returned cheques will incur an admin charge of £10 each.

​All Norfolk Practical Karate Club members are welcome to train at any class suitable for their grade. Charges for training, grading, licences etc. are non-transferable and non-refundable. Should you stop training, it is your responsibility to cancel any standing orders. Please arrive in good time to start your class.

BCKA registration

All members must be registered with the British Combat Karate Association. This is a legal requirement.


One voucher per person and is valid for four months. Once the voucher expires, any unused sessions will be void. The voucher can only be used by the named person. Vouchers cannot be transferred to another person and no refund will be given once the first session has been attended.

​Personal hygiene

All students must maintain clean, short finger and toe nails at all times. Long, dirty nails can cause severe injuries. Long hair must be tied up or in a ponytail. All jewellery must be removed before each training session.


Correct etiquette must be shown at all times, both to your Sensei (Instructor) and your fellow students. Always be respectful, polite and arrive to training on time (no later than 10 minutes before a session). Turn mobile phones off or to silent. A clean, white Gi (Karate uniform) must be worn to each session. You must ensure it is in good condition at all times (no rips/ tears). Presentation is imperative.

​Misuse of Karate

Under no circumstances is any student to use what they have learnt in class for malicious, unlawful or vindictive reasons. Whether you are inside or outside the Dojo (training hall), the skills you learn are purely for self-defence purposes only. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the termination of your membership and licence.

First Aid

When possible a qualified First Aider will be present at each training session.

Any treatment given must be of First Aid only. Any serious injuries must be taken to Accident and Emergency Department or the student’s GP. All accidents and injuries must be reported to the Instructor.


It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are capable of undergoing the normal routine of exercises and combative drills provided by the class. Not all exercises or combative drills are suitable for everyone and any training class may result in injury. Members must accept the risk of injury from performing the normal routine of exercises and combative drills. If students are in any doubt then they should consult their doctor before beginning any classes.


No valuables should be brought to any training locations. The Norfolk Practical Karate Club cannot be held responsible for any losses or damage caused to any student’s personal possessions.

​Maximum Impact

This is a high intensity activity with a high emphasis on heavy hitting for extended periods of time. Before attending this session you must be in good health. If you are in any doubt then please consult your doctor before commencing any training.

​Physical contact

Sometimes it is necessary to correct a move or a technique using physical contact; this is the best way to explain and help a student to avoid an injury. For example, touching the elbow to correct the angle during a punch exercise is imperative when learning the correct moves. Therefore, by becoming a member, you agree and authorize your instructor to correct your moves and to have appropriate physical contact.

​Please note

The Norfolk Practical Karate Club has the right to terminate a student’s membership at any time.

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