Karate Beginners Class

First lesson free

Your free session will enable you to experience a session in our wonderful Martial Art. You will be shown the fundamental stances of Karate, how to use the body to execute a technique and, moreover, an example of ‘realistic impact techniques’ used for self-defence. If you wish to further your study, options can be discussed with the Instructor (Sensei) after the class.

Maximum impact training session

High intensity, fitness and Maximum Impact training sessions! Open to all combat styles, martial arts systems, and fitness enthusiasts. Each training session is tailored around power impact work using punch bags, focus mitts and kick shields. Maximum Impact is the ultimate aerobic and anaerobic challenge. Any age from 14 years and onwards and any levels welcome, whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced. For each training session, please wear comfortable sportswear, shorts, t-shirts or tracksuits. No martial arts uniform is required; choose between clean indoor sports shoes or bare foot. For more information see our Terms and Conditions.

Our Classes

Our Classes

We offer classes in various locations in Norfolk. Everyone is welcome from beginner to those with years of experience.
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Our Sensei

Our Sensei

The word 'Sensei' is often translated as 'Teacher' but a better translation would be 'One who has gone before'. Read about the paths our Sensei have taken in their own Karate journeys.
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If you are interested in joining our classes or just finding out more about Practical Karate then please feel free to get in touch.
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